Krysti lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, but her heart remains in Colorado. Mom of two, Krysti makes her living online, designing graphics and writing fantasy fiction. Her books are available on her website, and her graphics are available through her designer pages on a variety of sites.

Her photos bright delight to the eye.


From cloud filled skies to distant mountains, waving grasses and brilliantly colored blossoms, Krysti’s photos capture more than the eye, they captivate the spirit.

You can’t pass the view. You simply must stop and take it in, let the breezes blow over you, and listen to the birds in the distance.

Every heartbeat reverberates with joy, the essence of your existence beguiling and enamoured. You’ll love the sweet fragrant aroma drifting past the windows, or through thin mountain air.


AspiriaKrystine Kercher

Web Designer

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